KULAN Cultural and Heritage Magazine celebration

KULAN Cultural and Heritage Magazine celebration
First time cultural and heritage learning (KULAN magazine) will be issue and published in Edmonton Alberta on December 21 2019.

About the Event

After almost a year of planning and plenty of hard work on this amusing magazine, we are excited to introduce the KULAN Magazine Edmonton first ever, for both Language Somali and English. After long journey we pleased to introduce to you your community magazine for the new year 2020, we could not be more pleased with the document that you see before you.

All of this is the result of a broad collaboration between an incredibly talented, dedicated, and insightful group of individuals here in the youth and parents engagement Department. As such, we hope that you will indulge me for a moment while we thank each of them. None of this would have been possible without all my team including Mr. Omar Abubakar who is the winner volunteer of the year from our organisation, who gave me the initial green light to move forward with my proposal for this community and young people magazine, and who allowed me the leeway to guide its development.

Additionally, we can’t begin to tell you the number of hours that all the KULAN team Services and all-around community activities, put into designing, programming, testing the Magazine to create the attractive, user friendly paper you are now admiring. It is time to introduce our children and other community in Alberta to a Somali language how it is look like, how do we write the language and teach our heritage and culture, Somali children stores and translated Somali pouter.

First time our children will access to write articles about their experience in life and schools, education, writing massages to other community members and young people, this magazine will increase the knowledge and experience of our children’s Somali cultural and heritage at the same time we will share with other communities. we also cannot fail to mention the youth volunteers and Student who always give us the guidance and advice for deeming Interpolations to be an important enough project to generously approve our grant proposal to fund the journal in its inaugural year. It is time to introduce new way of learning Somali language which our children wants to see Somali stores translated, Somali history and children stores in Somali language, it is Magazine to impower and educate our children and community, it is sharing and learning and building the knowledge of our children and Edmonton people to learn more about their culture and heritage.