Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteer work is not just an item on a resume or college application it’s an essential part of a functioning society. The benefits of volunteer work reach far and wide with a ripple effect that begins with the individual, benefiting everyone in its challenge.

KULAN believes volunteerism is crucial for creating healthy, vibrant, and connected all community together. Without volunteering, we can’t create a positive impact and help the future of our community. Come and join us, we need you; your people need you; we can make change together.

Each and every day, KULAN in every project and activities for the community volunteers are always here for both their time and money to help and improve the well-being of their communities, our community and our people. Financial, donations and assistance contributions from all the community across the Provence is the benefit of important causes, including the successful operation of responding Covid-19 pandemic. Also, donations and contributions help to ensure that KULAN organization can make sure that the people have access to services and volunteerism. But in addition to donations, volunteering provides many important services that affect the lives of our community, families, seniors and other vulnerable people supporting people in need and contributing to all activities including Covid-19 responding, tutoring, cultural, and adopting the current situation of Covid-19 are just some examples.

This briefing focuses on the involved benefits to individuals, organisation, the community, when members volunteer their time. Thanks to our volunteers who always help their people providing Services, volunteers not only help to strengthen and empower individuals and communities, but also benefit the volunteers and the organization expanding the experience, skills, and social and business networking opportunities with others.

Please come and join us to help the community, our people you will gain experience by working with us, the community members, staff and other volunteers to create networking and bright future

We are using our social media to update the community about how they are directly following Alberta health guidelines and getting assistance from the organizations responding to the pandemic. They are facing the outbreak firsthand and head-on; our volunteers, staff are applying innovation and experience from other global health crises to solve this pandemic, and the government is providing hope through their generous support.

It’s time to recognize the multitude of ways we are helping and the bottom line is they are. We are digging deep into our community, businesses to donate and help each other and call all the abilities to have all-hands-on-deck, even when their own are at risk, and even when the subject is outside of our usual scope, we need help and more volunteers to continue to help the community.