Tutoring and OST

KULAN provides private tutoring to K-12 students. We offer several types of academic support, such as 1-on-1 tutoring, small group classes and online teaching. Our 1-on-1 classes are based on the principles of Direct Instruction method which has proven superior to others.

We help our students meet and exceed academic expectations.​ We teach reading, writing, math, English, cultural and Islamic studs.

Students who come to our centre or receive online tutoring benefit from both remediation and improvement. Based on the initial assessment, they are placed either 1-to-1 with a mentor best suited to serve their needs or offered group learning to benefit from a small group support.

What you need to do:


Simply submit a request through by reaching us web portal with your child’s needs, scheduling preferences. We will work with you to get the suitable tutor to assist your child and help you as parent on how to guide and help your children future academic development.


Your child will continue to meet with their tutor and work through their plans, on a schedule based on your child’s needs and preferences. You can then sit back and watch your child improve and thrive academically with their learning plans!