About Us

Gudin daab la’aantii Miyey dogobbo goysaa? Diric kali ahantii Daleel guusha kama helo Dadkaa geesi lagu yahay

Cali Suggle Cigaal ‘Dun-carbeed’

About us

Welcome to our Kulan

Horn Youth Services Foundation (KULAN) Board Member was built by Somaliland community in Alberta, and is designed to support the growth of Somaliland community in Edmonton, Alberta. 

Since 2017, we have been providing services that address specific and complex needs of Somaliland Youth and Somaliland Community in Edmonton, Alberta. As a non-profit organization Horn Youth Services Foundation (Kulan’s) Goals is to provide a variety of services to Somaliland community, youth and families and integrate them into the wider community. We also offer a variety of community activities and events for Somaliland community where they can share their experiences and talents and learn about Canadian Culture.

Horn Youth Services Foundation (Kulan) aims at providing resources and sharing knowledge intended to empower youth and families through community collaborations with other organizations in Edmonton, creation of community programs, and promotion of economic and social opportunities as well as building connections to support healthy and vibrant communities. 

Horn Youth Services Foundation (Kulan) will introduce you to realistic situations and challenges facing Somaliland Community in Alberta, covering topics such as board structure and roles, conducting positive and effective meetings, working together through strategic planning, and making difficult decisions. 

We partner with all stockholders and community members to understand the needs of our community, goals and resources, and work together to find long-term solutions to the challenges they face.

The learning and sharing experience never stop! HYSF KULAN is designed with our community in mind, incorporating emerging trends and up-to-date policies and procedures specific to our evolving community needs.